Airport Lounge

I am here today in an airport lounge
Missed the flight that I was to board
Oh! what a disaster!

'Not the first time you've done that'
I can hear a few souls murmur
Yet... what a disaster!

I thought I had enough time on my hands
It turned out to be a rush and dash to the end
When I got here I thought I had made it on time
And just managed to relax and breathe easy.
Oh! no. It wasn't to be.

The self check-in kiosk came up with an error
'Ah! What's wrong with this machine? Bugger!.
I am having a bad run with machines', I said
And walked lazily to to the service counter!
Oh! What a disaster!

She told me the aircraft was fully boarded
And I hadn't checked in on time
I had to pay a 50 dollar fine.
If I wanted to board the next one.
Oh! What a waste!

I had called myself 'smart' just this afternoon
For finding a 'cracker' of a deal for the trip
Who else but I could have worked this out
Only to pay 50 bucks to even it all now.
I know! It is a shame.

I sit on the floor and wait for my flight
Found a corner with power plug that was spare
I am charging my laptop and my spirit
As I tell you my tale of despair
Oh! I am tired.

My sense of time has alway been a worry
I wish I could send out one big apology
To the people I have kept waiting at airports
Not once, not twice, they are too many to count.

I am sure they must have been very annoyed
They must have also been a little bit worried
And wondered about the reason for my delay,
Hoping that I manage to get there on time.
Oh! I am really sorry!

This is really me and I've got to change
I will make an earnest attempt at least
If I have half the wit I imagine I have
This is something I must be able to crack

I know there are those that have given up on me
Just give me one last chance - I plead
Will me on and say 'Go Ab!'
I will try to make this a turning point.

Oh! You think you have heard that one before?!

You know what. It is different this time.
I've figured it all out by now.
I was here on time. Wasn't actually late.
I could have done that 24 hrs before fromt he hotel!

Oh! come on... cut that nonses. eh?

My Pride

Of the things that I am proud of
The one that clearly makes the top
Is what I speak at home and is called
My mother tongue!

Born in a country with a history so rich,
In a time that wasn’t anything like its best
The pride in our culture was the only thing
That kept everyone ticking.

The language I speak is close to my heart
Maybe because it was the first that I was taught
Even before I could stumble and walk
I had learnt to call out for ‘amma’.

Some of my first lessons in ‘Tamil’
From my very early days at school
Were simple verses by poets
Who are revered as immortal saints.

Written on humble palm leaves
That were ravaged by nature over time,
Are ageless the gems of litreature
That brim with wit and wisdom,

English's the language of the world today
And learning it is not alien in any way
To accept the new and assimilate the best
Is how Tamil withstood all of time's tests.

Words evolved from the languages of the north
And used widely in literature and folklore
It added to Tamil's strength and versatility
And did not dilute it's classical purity.

Isolating ourselves and alienating the rest
And blindly assuming superiority of self
We know from the wisdom of ancient texts
Is not the way to attain true greatness

True to natures way we live
Welcoming everyone into our fold
We are the bastions of a culture
That's abuzz like a beehive!

Like the worker bees in a hive
We collect the juice from many a flower.
Our hive turns the nectar into honey
Nectar that we call Tamil with pride

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