Hi, This is my blog about anything that is worth having something said or written about. I am of Indian origin and now live in Australia. This blog contains my personal opinions, views and perspectives on things that I find interesting and worthy of discussion.

I am deeply connected with my Indian roots and cherish the traditions among which I grew up. However, I see myself as a citizen of the world. I am eager to connect with people from all cultures and explore their histories and ideas. 

Australia of today is the perfect place for me - a melting pot of cultures, where the west meets the east, everyday, everywhere and in everything.

I am a management consultant by trade. My interests range from the science of practical management to religion and philosophy. I see religion as a fulcrum for deeper psychological and philosophical enquiry. I often put myself down as an atheist because of the generally held view of religion. However, if I could, I would like to see a change in the generally held view of religion. For me, management science, psychology, philosophy and religion all fit into a nice little prism that I explore this world with. This blog is all about what I see through this prism.

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