Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Race of Life

Race of Life

Saturday, February 13, 2010
If life was a race, then dreams are like pit stops.
Passages of time that are brief but crucial.
A racer that doesn't make these stops,
Never will win even with the greatest potential.

Pitstops that many racers fear,
When used wisely helps a racer sort out his gear.
I doesn't take rocket science to make clear
That you are much safer driving on new tyres.

Remember, you cannot stay in a pit stop forever
Even a wee bit longer and you’ll get lapped over.
A pit stop is just to get things sorted.
And join the race that you have started.

When you join the race back from the pit lane
Don’t worry if you join the pack a few places behind.
If you took the pit stop and stuck to your plan,
You will take the lead just in time for the finish line.

Happy racing!

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